I had a fantastic time in Colorado!  It was SO good to see S.  As our friend, L, said, “The girls are back together. It makes me happy.”  It made me happy too.  Over and over S and I kept saying how much we needed that visit.  And, while I knew I was missing something with her not in my daily life, I really felt it when we were together.  We really do balance each other out.  Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise, Laverne and Shirley.

We did a lot – ate dinner right off of the table (no dishes, no silverware, and AT a restaurant), saw a Cirque du Soleil show (AWESOME!), ate Rocky Mountain Oysters, hung out, went shopping, had a great dinner in.  Whether we were doing something or nothing, it was just right.

I think S said it best… On Saturday we were shopping the one day looking for outfits to wear for our night out.  We each had something to wear, but girls are always on the lookout for something a little more suited to the occasion.  I found a maxi dress for S (she’s tall and thin and can pull it off) and held it out for her.  She said, I have been looking for a long dress!  She tried it on and it looked great on her.  Sunday night, we were hanging out, and she said, I had been looking for a long dress for a year and couldn’t find one. You come here and in one shopping trip, you not only instinctively know I’m looking for one, but you find the perfect one.

We’re just that good together.

Oh, and we bought a t-shirt for her 13-year-old daughter – total score, from the Junior’s department, right from what the mannequin was wearing, thought we were SO cool.   Yeah, her daughter didn’t like it.  Ha!  We ARE old.  And we’re still cool.

Oh, AND, we were talking about a huge Halloween party that happens in her city and how we wanted to go as Laverne and Shirley. Then we had the awesome idea that our SOs would be Lenny and Squiggy.  Mine is tall and blond and hers is short and brunet.  Perfect!